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BASIL 'Cinnamon' seeds

BASIL 'Cinnamon' seeds

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Basil - ‘Cinnamon'

100 seeds

This is a prettybasil which produces pink flowers and violet coloured stems. Its leaves are large and dark green with a strong spicy cinnamon fragrance. Basil is an essential kitchen garden herb and is a great companion to tomatoes and for pesta pasta dishes. Cinnamon basil is excellent for regular culinary yse but aslo in fruit salads and flavouring for hot drinks.

Annual plant, 30cm in height

Sow in Spring and Summer or all year in sub and tropical zones, best germination at 23-30 degrees C

Sow 5mm, seedlings emerge 10 days, space 30cm apart.

Full sun position, sow in seedling trays or direct

Harvest approx. 50 days after sowing

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